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Do you know the fact that 84% of internet users make use of Google to search products or services they want to buys? We can conclude it in another way that even your potential buyers are searching online. But, are you there to be found?

Digital Marketing is just not about being present on web but how you explore online marketing/internet marketing platform effectively. We are the Marketing Agency provide end to end Digital Solutions globally.

Another Interesting fact is that whether you fall under fortune 500 companies or an SMB, to beat the competition or improve your online ranking for products or services your company needs to be optimized for the search engines on the web. SEO is not just about inserting meta tags or titles in your website but it's a sensible digital marketing strategy to progressively pull up the website in the search engines. We, DigiAniSol the digital agency have tactful strategies which are customized to meet client requirements.

We strongly cater following digital marketing services across globe to help our clients grow globally

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
We offer various Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. We take care about your goals and needs for your website. We implement the necessary changes as recommended by an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audit. Using Link Development, we offer well researched, relevant inexpensive link building services in order to reach and attract potential clients. We are strategically strong and we know where all our clients' needs hits and therefore we do large volumes of directory submissions. The code optimization is another foray where we give emphasis while working on search engine optimization. The comprehensive search engine optimization campaign is done so that search engine spiders don't have to wait around while your page loads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM):
Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a new trend setter for next generation marketers. It's a need of a time to reach right target audience across all digital platforms. Our goal of Social Media Marketing(SMM) is to produce high quality digital platform friendly contents that users (target audiences) can share with their social network which subsequently help your company to increase brand visibility and broaden customer reach. We match expectations of our clients while running any social media campaign and justify every single penny spends. Based on our extensive research, our team of experts use social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter to name a few where there are greater probability of having maximum hits and visits. Our team evaluates every hour and every day targets by reviewing online comments, no. of times contents shared, highlighted and clicked. We use earned media to provide marketers with new ways in to interact and engage their customers. This helps to replace traditional marketing methods.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
There are many tools and techniques which gives you result while running a "Search Engine Marketing" (SEM) campaign but we promise you to deliver most cost effective and result oriented campaign (value for money). It's a very powerful tool to get quick results but at the same time if not handled properly, it will cost you a lot. Usually digital marketers fall in love with "Search Engine Marketing" (SEM) for simple reason and that is, its ability to deliver quick results.

Our team of experts strategically designs a campaign which gives "return on investment". We know better tools and technique to catch the right Target Audience and smartly pull the traffic to your site or landing page. Pay Per Click (PPC) is another tool which can bring right audience if used accurately. It's not the game of "Hit & Miss" it's a whole gamete of strategy which our team is determined to deliver. The keywords used are more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly to have maximum number of hits.

Content Management:
You get your website content in a variety of forms. We give you the text content like articles, research documents, info graphics, visuals, 3d animation and PDF documents. We create high quality content in simplest possible readable format. The content is so optimized that it can help search engines by incorporating accurate keywords. The content we develop doesn't contain jargon so that the readers get quick understanding of communication. Our attractive well designed content gets attention on its own merits. This in turn helps in the campaign of your project. Your content is designed with certain structure kept in mind to help your products and services promotion.

E-mail Marketing:
It's a challenge to deliver E-Mail to the Inbox of target audience. With the advancement of technologies, these days promotional E-mails get into Junk or Spam folder. We are here to help you by optimizing contents of Email and rescuing them not to enter into Junk and Spam category.

Our clients have witnessed the success of our result oriented "E-Mail Campaign" runs by us. We don't use data which are irrelevant and available at low cost or free of cost. We use high quality filtered data and based on clients requirements we also generate fresh data for campaigns to give best results.

All your Target Audience gets mails from us about your offerings. Adding relative templates, pictures, your brand and creativity, we publish your stuffs directly to their Inbox. We add references and links to enable prospects to get complete information about your offerings, which in turns increase hits on your website and making the campaign from an ordinary to a successful story.

We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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