Market Intelligence

It's a time to transform the approach to meet the right audience and keep them updated about innovative and scientific loom other than traditional media like Television Commercials, E-mail and others.We cannot hang and hold the audience by using monotonous approach. Now we should use more customer centric approach to change the game.

The game changer is here which we called Inbound Marketing.Inbound Marketing makes it easy for you to meet your right target and give you the best result by attracting more and more valuable customers.

We'll help you to improve the effectiveness of campaign with the quantity and quality of traffic to your website and help you convert leads into customers by creating a multi-funnel tubes using:


Blogging software

Social media

Calls to action

Landing pages

Lead management

Email marketing

Marketing automation

Marketing analytics

Bullets in inbound marketing's genus are:

Case Studies



Info graphics



Slide presentations



Marketing Automation :

Exploration of right lead is not easy to transfer from marketing team to sales team and It may lose its meaning and value too. With that, you also lose a lot of revenue and growth opportunities. With our lead management tool, it's easy to achieve maximum conversions by streamlining the leads and follow the process. Our support team can help you with customized email messages, templates, brochures and collaterals to brand your business.

Demand Generation :

Be it new prospects or existing customers, focused approach for demand generation marketing program add more feathers to company's present Products and Services.

Demand generation is an outstanding marketing vehicle to:

• Help your organization reach new markets

• Promote new product features

• Build consumer buzz

• Generate PR

• Engage existing customers

If you want to nurture key prospects and customers for the long term, then you seriously need to consider setting up a demand generation program.Some of the touch points in a demand generation program are:

• Responding to customer questions on social media

• E-Books

• White papers

• Case studies

• Weekly newsletter

• Webinars

Demand generation is not a quick-fix, short marketing burst process. It is a long, consistent view to converting your customers and key prospects to sales.

Out Bound Marketing

We'll help you initiate a profitable conversation with your customers through outbound marketing. We have an outbound marketing team that has several outbound marketing projects under its belt. We have been helping our clients with their outbound marketing since 2004. It all begins with a strong outbound marketing strategy.

Some of the outbound marketing vehicles we use to help you drive sales:

• Appointment setting and cold calling

• Advertising (radio, television, and print)

• Trade shows and exhibitions

• Banner advertising

• Direct Mail

• Email Blasts


• Figure out how to appeal to them, Figure out how to reach them.

• Set up marketing campaigns to pique their interest and nurture them.

Account Based Marketing

Do you really know about your target groups (customers or companies) and keep your tools ready? But, you don't quite know how to go about landing the deal. If so, you've got to consider account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing is the strategic imperative, where we focus your marketing efforts to a key prospect.

We create a bespoke customer acquisition strategy per targeted prospect.

To this end we:

• Build a personal profile of all your key contacts in your ideal prospect.

• Find out who the key decision makers are.

• Develop a sales and customer relationship management strategy to capture the business.

• Prepare your sales presentations.

Cost Per Action Model

"Performance-based" or "cost-per-action marketing" is a finest way to buy online advertising. You only pay for the desired action, typically a click through an impression, a sign up on a form or a telephonic inquiry. We'll design and implement strategies to make sure your company gets the desired actions on all campaigns you set up.

We will run your entire PPC campaign from keyword research, copywriting to reporting.

We specialize in the following cost-per-action activities:

• Pay Per Click. We will run your entire PPC campaign from keyword research, copywriting to reporting.

• Landing Pages. We'll create solid and effective call-to-action landing pages on your websites and social media platforms.

• Banner Advertising. We set up banner advertising on various websites relevant to your target market.

Data Driven Marketing

Take advantage of the data revolution. It's not an easy job to accumulate, incorporate, and analyze data from various sources and use it efficiently for your business. We are here to help. Our team of professionals would assist you in exploring the opportunities in how to market focusing on data. We would help you address the challenges and assist you to invest optimally in new technologies and skills.

We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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