We can help you with almost any marketing discipline you can think of, including:



• Telesales

• Email marketing

• Social Media

• Content marketing

• Marketing automation

• Lead generation

Virtual Assistance Services

Sales & Marketing Support:If your marketing budget is tight, you might want to consider virtual support via outsourcing your entire marketing function to us.

We are currently the 'marketing department' for more than 100+ clients.

There are real advantages to outsourcing your marketing activities:

• Your company can access higher quality talent than you might attract in-house.

• You don't need an in-house marketing team, dramatically reducing your overhead.

• All your marketing needs can be handled by one party. This means you only need to deal with one account manager rather than trying to pull together and meet with a number of in-house and external marketing entities.

• Lead nurturing

• Drip marketing

• Website design

• Copywriting

• Application development

Manage Client/Prospect Data

We have comprehensive range of services to support our clients with gamut of our offering which included

• Creative and Copywriting (Create Flyers, Newsletters, Broachers, and Presentations)

• Email and Ticket Based Customer Support

• Creating Micro websites (Word Press, Weebly, Wix)

• Managing Website Content and Blogs

• CRM Support and other Customized Database Support

• Office Management Support

• E-commerce Support

• Web-Based Support

• MS Excel Management

• Administration Support

• Managing Outlook Tasks

• Internet Search Support

• PowerPoint Presentations


• Content Writing and Document Formatting

• Social Networking Assistance

We create a tailored made customer acquisition line of attack as per targeted prospect. To this end we:

• Build a personal profile of all your key contacts in your ideal prospect.

• Find out who the key decision makers are.

• Figure out how to appeal to them.

• Figure out how to reach them.

• Set up marketing campaigns to pique their interest and nurture them.

• Develop a sales and customer relationship management strategy to capture the business.

• Prepare your sales presentations.

We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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